The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office arrested Brandon Smith for breaking and ente…

The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office arrested Brandon Smith for breaking and entering into J and J Fabricating in Stanaford on 08-25-2017. Smith broke into J and J and stole several items and returned to his home. Smith later united with Jonathan Rose the morning of 08-25-2017 and the two went to the Raleigh County Landfill. Rose and Smith entered landfill property through a hole that was previously cut into the fence surrounding the property. The two then went to a building at the landfill and Smith entered the building and was met by an employee that came to work early. The two suspects then fled the scene. Later the two suspects went to the area of Overlook Drive where Smith entered a garage with the intent of stealing property. Smith was encountered by the home owner and Smith struck the home owner causing him to fall over a lawn mower at which time he was injured.
Sgt. Killen and his Bloodhound Bella were conducting a track from J and J which led to Smith’s house. While Sgt. Killen along with Deputies Robinson and McMillion were questioning residents at Smith’s house the call at Overlook Drive was dispatched.Deputies responded to Overlook Drive where a foot pursuit of the suspects took place. Both suspects were apprehended. A search warrant was obtained for Smiths residence for the stolen property. Also discovered at Smith’s residence was a four wheeler that was stolen from the landfill earlier this month.
Smith was charged with breaking and entering, entering without breaking, assault in the commission of a felony, larceny and conspiracy. Rose was charged with conspiracy and entering without breaking.