Welcome back Cpl. Gravely!July 4, 2016 Corporal W.L. Gravley of the Beckley Poli…

Welcome back Cpl. Gravely!

July 4, 2016 Corporal W.L. Gravley of the Beckley Police Department was seriously injured when intentionally struck by a driver of an ATV.
Today the Beckley Police Department is thrilled to announce the return of Cpl. W.L. Gravley to full-duty status.
With the support of his wife, family, friends and loyal friend Kimber. Cpl. Gravley has fought hard over a long 2 year recovery process involving multiple surgeries and hours upon hours of rehabilitation.
Cpl. Gravley’s determination, dedication, and diligence to serving the City of Beckley is an inspiration to each and every member of this Department, the law enforcement profession, and the Community he took an oath to serve and protect. Welcome back, Big Bill!!!!, we’ve missed you, we’re excited for your return, and we are honored to work alongside you.(Photo bomb courtesy of Kimber)